Booking Fees

Pricing list for

Eddie Baccus Jr.

unless it’s one or two songs, for which I charge $250, I charge $450 to $500 minimum, over a 2 hour drive it’s $750 and 4 hour drive $1000, if they fly me to the location, it’s $1000 starting, plus hotel accommodations.

For private local events at clients home or an entertainment venue, it’s $250 an hour. For a band I charge $250 a member, if it is within a 2 hour or 120 mile radius, if it is 2 to 4 hours it is $400 and over 4 hours it is $500 starting per man and all band events have a maximum time of 3 hours, if more time is needed, the price will be more. Tips are appreciated.

If it is going to be a reoccurring local gig, then bottom price can be $150, but no less a man for club dates, with room for a raise if the place is is at full capacity after 2 weeks of performing there, up until the end of the contract. Which should at least be for 3 months.

for wedding receptions starts at $500 a man and $5,000-$20,000 total including sound guy, DJ, travel & event time. All events over $5000 require a 30% deposit and events under $1500 require a 50% deposit.